Samples from the playlist


Recorded during general rehearsals or concert of KoFaSiND:


Splendix – John Nimbly

Abends in Sorento – Karl Safaric

Flashlights – Lex Abel

Schlagerparty – Arr. Siegfried Rundel

La Perla – Arr. Joe Grain

Bayern-Dixie – Arr. Georg Stich

Boogie Woogie Boys – Don Raye – Arr. Kagi Tyamatsu

Summer in the city – Arr Georg Stich

Tango für Gabi – Robert Bernt

Melodie und Harmonie – Siegfried Rundel




Attention:  These recordings are only intended to demonstrate the type of music played by this band. It is forbidden to use or diffuse these recordings for commercial or other purposes. The rights of these works are hold by the artist and editors and must be respected.