The Origine


The “Fanfare Sint-Niklaas” was established in Drogenbos on 1 January 1897, by Johannes De Boeck father of the well known painter Felix De Boeck and brewer Jan Michiels.It all started in a café … in Beersel, where Johannes De Boeck, a local farmer from Drogenbos got with horse and cart, … and he was either thirsty (That’s why one goes to a café …?) or he had something to delivery … or (it will keep us a mystery …).
The necessary pub talk and the bartender asked at a given moment : “Say Johannes, do not you want to buy those instruments that stand there in the corner?” Those from Beersel (the musicians) are in dispute and stop playing.
Johannes said, with good memories of his father who used to play music before : “Right I buy them, throw them in my cart …” and quite smiling by the other guest was added : “Now another cart with musicians ..!  ”
How did the collaboration with the brewer Jan Michiels come about? We do not know exactly … but a fanfare needs a training room and there is often a party room or some space behind a café …