The conductors


The style, the musical performance and a harmonious interplay of the band depends to a large extent on the quality of its conductor. He cannot do it alone, the musicians have to want, and to be capable to execute, yet the conductor as enthusiastic leader and educator for the orchestra has a huge impact. It is, therefore, a happy finding that the band has usually long collaborations with its conductors. This allows properly responding to each other abilities, strengths and weaknesses and be able to balance the instruments in harmony.

Start Year End Year Conductor Photo
2017 Actual Mr Hugo Mathyssen
2015 2017 Mr Gaston Coppye
2002 2015 Mr Eduard Cuvelier
1984 2002 Mr Guy Delaere
1977 1983 Mr Demunter
1974 1977 Mr Moens
1961 1973 Mr P. Weemaels
1947 1961 Mr Freddy Brams
1945 1947 Mr Ed. Everaerdts
1942 1945 Interruption of the musical activities.
1938 1942 Mr J. Kempeneer
1936 1938 Mr Coppernolle
1930 1936 Mr Springael
1929 1930 Mr Van Roy
1926 1929 Mr De Coster
1897 1926 ???