The presidents


The good understanding between the musicians, the conductor and all active members is a lot influenced by the personality of the president. Elected by the members, and devoting a lot of personal energy the president is a key role influencing strongly the evolution of the fanfare. Together with an enthusiastic team the organizational initiatives and developments are put into practice.

With his representative function towards the commune and external relations as the public, the presidents have all a special contribution to the fanfare.

Start year End year Conductor
2010 Actual Mr. Guido Vanaken
2002 2012 Mr. Gerard Huys
2001 2002 Mr. Van Obbergen
1980 2001 Mr. x
1973 1980 Mr. Van der haegen
1939 1973 Mr. Wauters
1939 1939 Mr. De Beer
1938 1939 Mr. J. Coekelberg
1936 1938 Mr. Rodts
1929 1936 Mr. Jean Stoeks
1926 1929 Mr. De Coster